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Intersex Surgery: Chordee Release

Chordee release refers to the cutting of the ventral penile skin and connective tissue surrounding it to free and straighten the penis. For mild chordee where visible is a well-formed penis bent downward by subcutaneous connective tissue may be repaired by releasing some of the inelastic connective tissue on the ventral side of the shaft. When it is a complete chordee, the phallus is tethered downwards to the perineum by the skin.

In more severe cases of chordee it is often accompanied by a hypospadias and sometimes by severe under virilization (a perineal “pseudovaginal pouch” and split (bifid) in the scrotum with an undersized penis). This combination of condition is referred to as pseudovaginal perineoscrotal hypospadias.

Potential Problems

Occasional complications may include scarring and contracture. Long-term complications can include fistulas between the colon or upper rectum and skin or other cavities, or between urethra and perineum.

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