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Intersex Surgery: Gonadectomy

Gonadectomy is also known as orchiectomy. It refers to the removal of the gonads. This intersex surgery is done in three circumstances:

  1. In rare instances when a child is XX with completely virilizing congenital adrenal hyperplasia in being raised a s a male, the ovaries must be removed before puberty to prevent breast development and/or menstruation.
  1. When the gonads are dysgenetic testes or streak gonads and at least some of the infant boy’s cells have a Y chromosome, the gonads or streak must then be removed. This is because they are non-functional and also carry a high risk in developing gonadoblastoma.
  1. In rare instances where an infant boy with true hermaphrodite require gonadectomy. Any ovary or ovotestis would be removed.

Potential Problems

This type of intersex surgery involves little risk beyond that of any abdominal surgery.

Other masculinizing intersex surgery:

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Chordee release : Cloacal repair
Phalloplasty : Hysterectomy : Testicular Protheses
Penile augmentation surgery : Concealed penis



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