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Intersex Surgery: Gonadectomy

This intersex surgery concerns the removal of the gonads.

There are several cases where gonadectomy is required:

  • When the gonads are dysgenetic testes or streak gonads and at least some of the cells have a Y chromosome, the gonads or streaks must be removed. This is because they are non-functional and also carries a high risk of developing gonadoblastoma.
  • When the gonads are relatively normal testes, but the child is to be assigned and raised as a female, they must be removed before puberty to prevent virilization from rising testosterones.
  • When the gonads are true hermaphroditism. Abnormal gonads with Y line or potential testicular function should be removed. It is only in rare instances that surgeon may try to preserve the ovarian part of an ovotestis.

Potential Problems

This kind of surgery involves little risk beyond that of any abdominal surgery.

For other feminizing intersex surgery:

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