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Intersex Surgery: Hypospadias Repair

This kind of surgery is a relatively simple single procedure if it is only a first or second degree hypospadias ( urethral opening on glans or shaft respectively) and the penis is otherwise normal.
Any repair of third degree hypospadias is more of a challenge for surgeon (urethral opening on perineum or in urogenital opening). Several stages of the repair maybe required.

Potential Problems

For severe hypospadias (third degree on perineum) involving construction of the urethral tube the length of the phallus is not always successful and second operation maybe required. For those boys and men who are beyond repair, are usually left with chronic problems with fistulas, scarring, and contractures that make urination or erections uncomfortable.

Other masculinizing intersex surgery:

Orchiopexy : Urogenital Closure
Gonadectomy : Chordee release : Cloacal repair
Phalloplasty : Hysterectomy : Testicular Protheses
Penile augmentation surgery : Concealed penis



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