Assessment of Intersex








Intersex Surgery: Hysterectomy

This involve the surgical procedure of removing of a uterus. It is extremely rare that a uterus or mullerian duct derivatives would be required to be removed from a child who is being raised as a boy. This removal surgery would not involve any genital surgery. A rarer evidence indicating that of a completely virilized XX child with congential adrenal hyperplasia being raised as a male, his ovaries and uterus must be removed to prevent breast development and menstruation by puberty.

Potential Problems

The risks associated with such surgery are simply those of abdominal surgery.

Other masculinizing intersex surgery:

Orchiopexy : Hypospadias : Urogenital Closure
Gonadectomy : Chordee release : Cloacal repair
Phalloplasty : Testicular Protheses
Penile augmentation surgery : Concealed penis



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