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Intersex Surgery: Penile Augmentation

This surgery involves the enlargement of small penis.

Over the year urologist have been offering an augmentation procedure which involves the moving outward of some of the buried component of the corpora so that the penises project more. The girth is increased with transplantation of the patient’s fat.

This surgery procedure is designed to preserve erectile and sexual function without surgically altering the urethra.

Potential Problems

The major concern with this surgery is the reabsorption of the fat. This is the most common. Scarring from the surgery rarely interfere with erectile function, but seems to be more damaging.

Other masculinizing intersex surgery:

Orchiopexy : Hypospadias : Urogenital Closure
Gonadectomy : Chordee release : Cloacal repair
Phalloplasty : Hysterectomy
Testicular Protheses : Concealed penis



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