Assessment of Intersex








Intersex Surgery: Testicular Protheses

This intersex surgery involves the implanting of saline-filled plastic ovoid in the scrotum. These implants have no functions at all except that they provide the appearance and the feeling of testes. Various implant sizes are available. Most implant surgery are done
during puberty to avoid repeated procedures to implant larger sizes.

Due to safety concerns prostheses made from silasic are no longer available or in use.

Potential Problems

Rare infections or erosion of scrotal skin are minimal but also constitute the most significant complication in such surgery.

Other masculinizing intersex surgery:

Orchiopexy : Hypospadias : Urogenital Closure
Gonadectomy : Chordee release : Cloacal repair
Phalloplasty : Hysterectomy
Penile augmentation surgery : Concealed penis



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