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Intersex Surgery: Vaginoplasty

This is an intersex surgery which involves construction or reconstruction of the vagina. This procedures can be fairly simple or quite complex, depending on the severity of the abnormality.

For those infant girls with normal internal uterus, cervix, and upper vagina (the mullerian derivatives) and that the outer virilization is reasonable, surgery will only involve separating the fused labia and widening of the vaginal introitus.

Those with greater degree of virilization, the major challenge for surgeons is to provide a passage connecting the outer vaginal opening to the cervix which will stay wide enough to allow coitus.

XY chromosomes girls or women with partial androgen insensitivity syndrome where their vaginal pouch is blinded to varying degree will require this surgery procedure deepen it.

Surgeon also faces a greater challenge when they are required to construct an entirely new vagina ( a “neovagina”). One method is to use a segment of colon, which provides a lubricated mucosal surface as a substitute for the vaginal mucosa. Another method is to line the new vagina from skin grafting.

Potential Problems

The main long term complication with this kind of surgery is the narrowing of the constructed vagina. The main reason for this to happen is that the surgery requires the patient to be operated at a older age.

Complication from neovagina construction made from a segment of bowel may tend to leak mucus; when mad with a skin graft, lubrication maybe necessary.

Less common complications include:

For other feminizing intersex surgery:

Clitorectomy : Clitoroplasty : Clitoral recession
Clitoral reduction : Gonadectomy
Cloacal exstrophy and bladder exstrophy repairs



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